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Measures we are taking to keep everyone safe

We wanted to reassure you that as Allied Health Professionals we are able to continue treating patients during this time. Our Osteopaths provide patients with the safest possible environment to receive treatments. If you have any queries please contact us at


Some of the many procedures we have put in place to make face to face appointment as safe as possible are:

1. PPE - Our Osteopaths will be wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE) and following donning and doffing procedures to minimise infection spread. 

2. Social Distancing - Appointments will be spread out to try and avoid patients crossing over and give practitioners time to thoroughly clean the room between sessions. We ask that you arrive on time to avoid any unnecessary overlap time with other patients. 

3. Triage - Patients can expect an email from the clinic before their treatment to assess their suitability for a face to face appointment. Our practitioners reserves the right to cancel the patients appointment at any point if the patient shows any signs or symptoms of Covid-19.


4. Cleaning - We have taken steps to make the treatment room as hygienic as possible, including the use of wipeable covers for the plinth and pillows. The practitioner has also been allocated time to clean the room between each patient.

5. Our practitioners take their temperature before every shift at the clinic to make sure they do not have a temperature before starting a shift. 



Please note we are not seeing any of the following patients:

  • People with a fever, persistent cough or loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

  • If you have received a letter to inform you of being in a high risk category

  • People living with others in a high risk category

  • People who have recently had elective surgery or a fracture

  • Anyone with complex needs including need for carers to enable self management


In order to prioritise the health and safety of both patients and practitioners we ask that you:

1. Do not attend treatment if any of the above applies to you. 

2. Arrive on time, to avoid any patient overlap, definitely not early, preferably not late.

3. Wash your hands. There is a bathroom at the top of the stairs so we ask this is done on your way to the clinic room. 

4. Bring only essential items into the building, as extra items can lead to additional contamination risks. 

5. Pay by card, ideally apple/android pay. We will not be accepting cash during this period. 

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